Currently Enrolled/Re-certification Family


While our campus is closed, we are providing families remote learning opportunities and additional online resources. Using technology in our day-to-day activities is not a new concept for us. Mt. San Antonio College in its planning of the Center, implemented various technology based platforms in which we can now draw upon.

Thank you for continuing care and educational services at the Mt. San Antonio College Child Development Center and Laboratory School. We appreciate the trust placed with us in caring for and educating your precious child(ren). The task of providing early education is an important one that we take seriously.

It is very important that enrolled families participate in the CDC activities as much as possible. This allows the CDC and our funding sources to "count" you as an "enrolled" family, and will make your transition to on-campus, in-person services seamless when we do re-open the facility. In addition, any connection we can maintain with our children will help their eventual return to the CDC. Excessive lack of participation and/or communication may be deemed a "voluntary withdrawal" from the program, which will greatly complicate your return to the CDC. Please let your child's teacher know how/when you are able to participate in case the schedule of activities/meetings are problematic. Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for hanging in there with the CDC!

    • Registration Specialists

      A registration specialist has been assigned to each family to expedite the registration and re-enrollment process. Email questions directly to your assigned registration specialist.

    • Things to Know
      • Contract Duration: Families must re-enroll during registration periods to maintain continuous enrollment. Failure to re-enroll during the registration period may result in space assignment to another family.
      • When working with your assigned registration specialist, please complete, sign and date all paperwork and submit promptly.
      • For student-parents, you must be registered for classes or have proof of your registration date when re-enrolling.
      • All information and records obtained or regarding our child(ren) shall be confidential. The Center is responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of record contents. All children’s records shall be available to State licensing to inspect, audit, and copy upon demand during normal business operations. All children’s records shall be kept for at least three years following termination of service or matriculation to grade school.
    • Cost of Care

      Age Group

      Part – Time Rate

      Up to 87 hours

      ¾ Time Rate

      88-137 hours

      Full-Time Rate

      138-182 hours

      Infants (3 -15 months)




      Toddlers (12-35 months)




      Pre-School (36 mos-5 years)




      Afterschool (Kindergarten)




    • Registration Fees
      • All fees/tuition must be paid in advance/prior to the start of care.
      • $45.00 per child per semester and insurance fee is non-refundable.
      • Tuition is accepted in the form of check, money order, or cashier’s check.
      • Credit/Debit card payment coming soon.
    • Registration Forms
    • Request an Access Card/Fob

      Access cards/fobs are a security measure. The number of cards/fobs provided is limited. 

      ***Lost/stolen cards must be reported immediately to our front desk staff by calling (909) 274-4920 or emailing

      The estimated processing time for additional/replacement access cards/fobs is one week. The cost is $25.00 per card/fob. 

      *Please make checks or money orders payable to MSAC CDC. For cash payments, please provide the exact amount due. 

      Request CDC Access Card/Fob

    • Enrollment

      Registration is required each semester to maintain enrollment. For assistance, please contact your assigned registration specialist.

      A registration specialist has been assigned to each family to expedite the registration and re-enrollment process. Email questions directly to your assigned registration specialist.

    • Parent Involvement
      Classroom Participation

      Verification of a negative tuberculosis (TB) test is required before you begin participation hours. This is available at the campus Health Center for a nominal fee OR most community health clinics offer this test without charge.

      The first visit will allow you to observe and familiarize yourself with the classroom.

      We encourage parents with special interests or talents to share these with the children, i.e., musical instruments, cooking, reading stories, puppet shows, etc. Parents can sign-up at the classroom week-to-week or month-to-month. Once signed up, your child’s teacher will be counting on you to keep your appointed time since your chosen participation is a special event to the children.

      Parent Conferences

      The best to create an effective, warm, and supportive environment for children and families is for staff and parents to share their cares and concerns. We encourage this exchange in support of the children’s optimal growth. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled throughout each semester; however, we hope that you will talk with your child’s teacher on a regular basis or request a conference anytime you have a concern or would like to share pertinent information.


      The Center welcomes the input of parents. Parents are an invaluable resource to the continued growth and success of the program. Committees provide an avenue for teachers, parents and administration to openly communicate wishes, ideas, and strategies together. Meetings are facilitated by Lead Teachers and/ or the Center Director.

      Parent Advisory Committee

      This committee is composed of parents, children’s teachers, aides, and representatives of community service agencies. It provides input into the operation and evaluation of the Child Development Center Program.

      Parent Education

      In our commitment to valuing children and families, the Child Development Center encourages all parents to become involved in a minimum of 2 hours each semester of parent education classes or workshops. Campus and community programs also offer parent education classes:

      • Parent Education classes offered by the Community Education Department, EOP&S/Care Program, Child Development Center Staff and Faculty
      • Parent Education programs offered by a local School District
      • Parent Support Group meetings sponsored by the Child Development Center