Cafe 91

Cafe 91 Dining Room

A Student-Run Restaurant

Cafe 91

Cafe 91 Kitchen

Cafe 91

Cafe 91 - Student-Run Restaurant


Café 91 is closed during the Summer break and Summer Intercession 2022. The work experience class will resume in Fall Semester 2022 with a new group of students. We expect to reopen sometime in September. Thank you!

Cafe 91 is a student-run restaurant lab that is a part of the Culinary Arts program at Mt. San Antonio College. The food and service are a part of our students educational training. By attending our restaurant, you are helping train and support our students. The revenue collected from your dining experience goes directly to support the needs of the programs. Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to providing you an exceptional dining experience at Cafe 91.

Café 91 | Building 78 First Floor | (909) 274-6243 | Closed for Summer