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Below you can find galleries full of work produced by the talented students in the Animation program.

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We put together an annual demo reel for our program showcasing student work. 

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Course Galleries

3 units

ANIM 100

Digital Paint & Ink
Illustration skills used in digital animation and game production. Focuses on digital illustration tools, including painting and drawing using vector and bitmap for animation environments. View Student Work
3 units


Drawing - Gesture and Figure
Contemporary and traditional approaches to sketching the human figure using drawing techniques for rapid visualization. Emphasizes and develops perceptual and technical skills for capturing basic visual mechanics of motion and gesture. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 104

Drawing Fundamentals
Creative expression through the use of drawing media and techniques. Emphasis is placed on use of construction, light logic, atmospheric and linear perspective, and gesture directed toward animation. Includes basic drawing skills and methods of achieving compositional integrity through objective analysis and synthesis. May require off-campus assignments. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 108

Principles of Animation
Principles of drawing for traditional animation concentrating on the mechanics of movement, timing, and emotion for the creation of expressive line drawings. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 109

Advanced Principles of Animation
Prerequisite: ANIM 108 Advanced principles of animation including mechanics of motion, weighted movement, lip sync and expression applied to story, staging, and character development. Focus will be on the animated film process from script to storyboards, timing sheets, key posing, inbetweening and clean-up through the completion of a final animation. View Student Work
1.5 units

ANIM 111

Animal Drawing
Prerequisite: ARTD 15A or ANIM 104 Explores traditional and contemporary approaches to sketching and drawing animals. Gesture, anatomical structure, proportion, line and action analysis will be explored. Requires several off-campus field trips. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 115

Prerequisite: ARTD 15A or ANIM 104 Storyboarding with emphasis on storytelling, cinematography, drawing, and notation as it relates to the animation industry. View Student Work
1.5 units

ANIM 116

Character Development
Prerequisite: ARTD 15A or ANIM 104 Drawing and development of characters for animation. Observation of details for character attitude, personality, movement, posing, dialogue, mouth positions, body language, and consistent drawing techniques for model sheets will be explored. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 117

Animation Background Layout
Prerequisite: ANIM 115 or ARTD 16 Drawing and painting techniques as applied to layout and background design. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 130

Introduction to 3D Modeling
Three-dimensional (3D) modeling techniques using animation and gaming industry-standard software. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 131

Introduction to Gaming
The field of game design including the principles, tools, and strategies for designing various types of games. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 132

Intermediate 3D Modeling
Prerequisite: ANIM 130 and ANIM 100
Advisory: ANIM 104
3D modeling and texturing methods used in the film and game industries using Maya software. Topics covered include UV unwrapping, Photoshop texture painting, and organic modeling techniques. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 141

2D Game Level Design
Prerequisite: ANIM 131 Design of game levels based upon storytelling, platform and theme. Includes asset development of background, user interface, and character art. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 146

Advanced 3-D Animation
Prerequisite: ANIM 130
Advisory: ANIM 132
3D character animation principles and procedures used in computer graphics, games, film, and television. Includes walk, run, and action sequences for rigged characters using graph editor. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 148

Demo Reel
Prerequisite: Completion of a minimum of 9 semester units in one of the following programs: Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Web Design, Architectural Design, Art, Fashion Merchandising, Industrial Design, Interior Design, or Photography. Production of a demo reel and portfolio representative of interest, strength and skills for entry into animation fields, professional schools or baccalaureate institutions. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 151

Game Prototype Production
Prerequisite: ANIM 131 Creation of game prototypes based upon specific game features and mechanics. Includes the four main game production cycles of: Designing the game, building the art, technical production, and marketing of the game. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 172

Motion Graphics, Compositing and Visual Effects
Prerequisite: ARTC 100 or ANIM 100 Elements of motion graphics and visual effects including design, typography, animation, compositing, and editing in a production environment (i.e. TV, Film, DVD, or Web). Focuses on using Adobe After Effects and other industry standard software. ANIM 172 and ARTC 272 cannot both be taken for credit. View Student Work
3 units

ANIM 175

Digital Animation
Prerequisite: ANIM 100 or ARTC 100 Principles of animation using digital software for multimedia. View Student Work