ReadSpeaker text-to-speech gives a voice to Mt. SAC webpages and learning materials within Canvas.


  • Improved word recognition skills and vocabulary
  • Improved reading comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and concentration
  • Improved information recall and learning/memory enhancement
  • Increased motivation and more positive attitude with regard to reading
  • Increased reading self-confidence and perceived performance

How Does it Work?


Listen to selected text: You can select part or all of the text on the page and then click the pop-up Listen button (see below).  Note: if no text is selected, ReadSpeaker will begin at the top of the page and read down.

  1. Click the Listen button to open the player:

  2. Select text to read.
    Selected Text to be Read Aloud

  3. Click the Play button to listen to the content:

Note: you can adjust the text-to-speech settings by clicking the expansion arrow to reveal the full toolbar:
Text-To-Speech Toolbar

Introduction Video