Certificate Programs

Professor Mee Shum works with culinary students. Some certificate programs only take one semester to completeMt. San Antonio College offers several different types of certificates to help students build their career and technical skills. The most common certificate programs are Certificates of Achievement and Skills Certificates.

Certificates of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement programs can be a great way to update your skills or break into a new career. A Certificate of Achievement is favorably recognized by business and industry leaders and is often a requirement for professional advancement. Like a degree, a Certificate of Achievement is noted on a your official transcript.

We offer Certificates of Achievement in everything from air conditioning and refrigeration to accounting.

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Skills Certificates 

Skills Certificates require fewer classes than Certificates of Achievement, but can be valuable tools in advancing your career. Students typically take classes toward a Skills Certificate if they want to learn a new, specific skill in their career. Skills certificates are often part of a ladder-track in a career plan, meaning they gradually help students climb to higher skill levels in their chosen career path. Skills Certificates are not noted on your official transcript.

Skills Certificates can be earned for dozens of different professions - for anything from emergency medical services to nutrition.

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For a complete list of certificate programs and specific degree requirements for your major, please consult the College Catalog.

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Note: The unit requirement for Skills Certificates is below the unit requirement for some forms of financial aid eligibility. Students should consult with the Financial Aid Office to determine whether a particular program of study qualifies for financial aid.