Mt. SAC transfer student Allan Muteti says "I really am glad that I went through Mt. SAC first because now I feel more ready than I was when I came out of high school. While at Mt. SAC, I was able to grow and mold more into the person I want to be."
Associated Student leader Alejandro Juarez says "It's a huge, beautiful campus with amazing instructors and programs. Everyone is friendly and helpful."

Flexible Programs

A professor discusses culinary management with students in their kitchen laboratory.
Professor Mee Shum, center, prepares her students in a kitchen laboratory. Students can earn certificates in as little as one semester. 
Earn an Associate Degree

Associate degrees can prepare you for many different careers, such as nursing, journalism, education, human resources, accounting, and law enforcement. Mt. San Antonio College has more than 90 different degree programs - whether you're interested in the arts, science, technology, business, or a combination, you can find a program for you. 

Transfer to a Four-Year University

Starting at Mt. SAC is a great option for students who dream of going to UC, CSU, private, or Ivy League schools. If you start your college career at Mt. SAC, not only will you save tens of thousands of dollars, but you will also have a leg up on your university application, giving you a better chance of getting accepted.

We have an Honors Program for motivated students with strong academic records. The transferable general education courses provided through the Honors Program strengthen students' transcripts, increase their chances of getting into top-tier universities, and offer personal, seminar-style instruction. Apply for the honors program here.

Mt. SAC is a Top 10 California Transfer College. We rank 6th in transfers to CSU schools and 8th in transfers to UC schools. Our students have a better chance of getting into 4-year universities than most because of the excellent quality of our academic courses, the great amount of support we give our students, and how easy we make it for students to transfer. 

Earn Certificates Quickly

Mt. SAC offers Certificate of Achievement and Skills Certificate programs. Certificate of Achievement programs can be great for students who want to learn a new career. They can also be stepping stones toward earning your degree. Like a degree, a Certificate of Achievement is noted on a student's official transcript.

Skills certificates require less classes and take less time to earn than certificates of achievement. Students typically take classes toward a skills certificate if they want to learn a new, specific skill in their career. Skills certificates are often part of a ladder-track in a career, meaning that they gradually help students climb to higher positions in their current careers.

We offer certificates in everything from accounting to nutrition to paramedics. 

Take Advantage of Community and Professional Courses

Mt. SAC has one of the largest noncredit programs in California. This means that we offer more "one-off" classes for general education and self-improvement. Community members can take one or multiple classes in topics that interest them, such as financial planning, reading, English as a Second Language, or nutrition. We also offer a variety of courses for professionals to help them develop their job skills, such as court interpretation and reporting.

Community members and their children can also take free or low-cost physical education classes, including dance, tennis, and swim. Mt. SAC also offers our College for Kids program in the summer.