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    • Claim Your Noncredit Student Account
      Option 1: If you already know your Mt. SAC Username (different than your Noncredit App username)
      • Go to the Mt. SAC Portal (
      • Click on “Forgot Password”
      • Enter your user name
      • Click on “Recover with Mail”
        • A password reset email will be sent to your personal email on file. If it doesn't work, please use Option 2 below.
      Option 2: Using the Noncredit Student Account Claim (you don't need your username for this option)
      1. Go to the Mt. SAC Noncredit Portal website
      2. Enter your Mt. SAC ID and click "submit" (You can find your ID # on your Mt. SAC ID card or registration printout)
      3. Answer all questions- You must select a noncredit course you have taken in order to claim your account. If you don’t know which to choose, see "Troubleshooting Tips" below or call (909) 274-4935.
      4. Write down your User Name and PIN for future reference
      5. Log into the Mt. SAC Portal - Click on the different links and tabs to discover all that your student account has to offer
      6. Update your contact information for emergency information alerts.
      • If your class doesn't show up, look for BS LRN01, VOC FDB, BS LRN06, BS ASVB, BS ABE04, BS ABE02 or any BS HSE or BS HS class!
      • If you get an "Authentication Error", open a new tab in your browser. Then type in and click on "Portal Log-in" and type your user name and password.
      • If you don't have or don't know your Social Security Number (SSN), type 0000 instead of a SSN.

      In addition to Canvas & Zoom access, you can use the Portal to view information about Mt. SAC, find out about events on campus, update your contact and emergency information, pay or appeal parking citations, find links to Noncredit programs, get a free Mt. SAC email address (which can get you discounts on software and other products), and more!

      Please note that your Portal login is NOT the same as your Noncredit Application login.  You will have to reset your password even if you did the Noncredit Application.

    • How to Access Canvas
      • Go to and log in
        • You can also go through the Mt. SAC Portal and then click on the Canvas option in the header, but it’s a longer path
      • Choose your course tile
      • If your course isn't showing up, give us a call at (909) 274-4937 (Adult High School, GED/HiSET, High School Referral) or (909) 274-4935 (all other programs) or email
    • Canvas Info: Canvas and Portal Troubleshooting
      • Canvas and the Portal frequently give people an “Authentication Error” when they try to log in. Most of the time that means that the system is overloaded. You may need to try 5+ times sometimes for it to work.
      • Make sure you are using
      • If it still doesn’t work, reset your password again. You can reach out to the SCE SOS Helpdesk (Zoom Tech) for assistance!
    • Cleared4 Requirement

      As of Winter 2022, all students who are attending in-person classes on the Mt. SAC campus must provide proof of vaccination or receive a medical or religious exemption.

      The Cleared4 site is a custom link that will be sent to your Mt. SAC email. You can access your link through your Mt. SAC email in your Portal. Please note that it might take 48 hours from the time you register in an in-person class for the link to appear. If you are still having trouble, please email Omi at

      You can use Cleared4 to upload your vaccination records and/or schedule on-campus COVID testing appointments.

      Cleared4 Resources:


Noncredit Student Account (Option 2) Video

How to Access Canvas Video