omniupdate at mtsac

Getting Started

We offer a 2.5-hour hands-on basic training lab class  to get you started using OmniUpdate as your new Web content management tool. Skip to sign up form.

Use OmniUpdate to publish content to your faculty and/or department Web site, using the navigation template and content templates for the function of your Web site.

  1. The Web Team will create the basic structure of your Web site using our functional template system, as shown in the template examples on the left navigation menu. You will be able to add, edit or delete pages.
  2. If you have an existing Web site, we will convert your content into the new template so that you can use it during training.
  3. You will be given your OmniUpdate account during training so that you can start editing your pages on the spot in the OmniUpdate development environment. Think about updates you would like to make to your page. Bring new images or documents to the class that you would like to add to your pages.
  4. Then, once you give us the go ahead, we will push your Web site to production to replace your existing Web pages.

Along with the 2.5 hour basic training session, we offer open lab sessions if you want help getting your Web site ready for production.


**Training and Account Registration Form

See note below if you wish to bypass training.

To obtain an account, take the online training and read the OmniUpdate @ MTSAC Quick Guide and take a short online test to determine your understanding of how to use OmniUpdate.