OMNiupdate @ Mtsac

What is Omniupdate?

OmniUpdate is the Mt. San Antonio College web content management system (WCMS), customized to fit our needs based on Pilot Program user experiences.

Using the power of templates, we've added navigation features and design options to our standard Web page design to help create usable, informative and up-to-date Web pages.

Reasons to Use It

  • Easy-to-learn tool for creating and managing department and faculty Web pages on
  • Provides a selection of flexible templates to fit our Web site content needs
  • Work on your pages anytime, anywhere - all you need is a Web browser (Firefox 3.5 or higher) with an Internet connection. No more need for FTP or HTML editing software on your computer.
  • Receive full Web Team support, including training sessions and followup open lab assistance.
How to Use Quick Edit
  1. Using Explorer or Firefox 3.5 or higher, browse to the page that you want to edit.
  2. Log in to the page using the time stamp link with your own unique password.
  3. Click on green "Edit/Check Out" button on the top right navigation bar.
  4. Start typing your changes inside the grey lined edit main content area. Do not click the edit main content green button as you normally would.
  5. Click the Save All Changes green button on the top right navigation bar.
  6. Publish the page.
  7. Double check to make sure that the change is what you want.
  8. And you are done. Relax!

It's really that simple. Once trained on OmniUpdate, you can focus your energy to create useful and informative content for our students and other Mt. San Antonio College community members.

Learn more about OmniUpdate at Mt. San Antonio College by perusing the Online User's Guide or visit the OmniUpdate Help Center to read about the editing tools and other cool features offered.

Ready to get started? Find out about next steps for becoming an OmniUpdate user at Mt. San Antonio College. Sign up for an OmniUpdate account and training session today.