Mt. SAC Web Page Definitions

Web Definitions

Accessibility: For the purpose of these guidelines, accessibility refers to federal standards that ensure Web sites are accessible to people with disabilities.

Global Navigation: A collection of links that provide access to the top-level areas of the college's main site.

Local Navigation: A collection of links that guide visitors through a specific Web site (i.e., Counseling) within the main site.

Main Site: The Mt. San Antonio College Web site (

Main Server: The production server that hosts the main, "live" site.

Publish: To post web pages on the college's main server.

Site Owner: The person with the overall responsibility for maintaining accurate information on Web sites within the main college site. The site owner should be a full-time staff member.

Site Editor: The person who performs the hands-on work of creating and maintaining a Web site. The site owner and site editor may be the same person.