Common Application Information & Tips

The Common Application ( is a university application site used by private universities such as USC, Chapman, La Verne, and many others. The Common App contains many sections that may be confusing. Here is some information to help you complete your Common App for Spring & Fall 2015 admission:

The College Report
- The College Report will then appear as a downloadable form that you can print out and submit to Mt. SAC's Admissions & Records office for completion. You only need to submit this form if it is required by the universities to which you are applying; view their application checklists/requirements for more details.
Note: USC does not require the College Report; you do not need to submit the paper form to Admissions & Records. USC does not require any of the other Common App forms.

Advisor information
- When entering your college information, you must include an advisor's name and contact information. In this section, you should an indicate a counselor, advisor, professor, or other college employee who knows you.
- You may include the contact information of the advisor or instructor who will be completing the academic evaluation/recommendation.

Academic Evaluator (recommender)
- You may be required to assign at least one academic evaluator (recommender). You should speak with a counselor, advisor, or instructor to request their recommendation before inviting them through Common App. Use the "invite academic evaluator" link which will enable your recommender to complete an online form or choose to mail a recommendation.

Additional forms and documents
- Be sure to view application checklists and requirements on each university's website. You might also need to submit test scores, high school transcripts, college transcripts, etc. (The Common App website does not provide these instructions.)
- You will see links to download the College Report, Final Report, Mid-year report. Although they appear on the Common App by default, some universities do not require these documents. You will need to view the application checklists and requirements on each school's website for more details.

Education page/entering college and high school information
- On the Education page, list your current/most recent college first.
- If you have attended multiple colleges, you can enter information about previous colleges under the drop-down that says "colleges and universities." Select the number of colleges you have attended and then enter information for up to three additional colleges. If you have attended more than three other colleges, use the additional information comments box (on the writing page) to provide more information about your academic history.
- The application does not ask for all of your college courses. You only need to input your current year courses on the Education page. Include your Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 classes in that area. Since there is no option for winter term, you may wish to include your Winter 2015 classes in the additional information comments box (on the writing page).
- "Secondary School" refers to high school; enter your high school information in this section of the Education page.

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