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Tutoring Services is dedicated to providing students with services that promote independent learning, academic confidence, and attainment of educational goals.

 Phone Number  (909) 274-6605
 Location  Learning Assistance Center, Bldg. 6, 1st Floor 
 Fall and Spring Hours  Monday - Thursday: 9 am to 7 pm
   Friday: 9 am to 1 pm
   Saturday: 9 am to 4 pm 
 Winter and Summer Hours     Monday - Thursday: 10am to 5 pm  


Who Can Use LAC Tutoring

All services are free to any currently registered Mt. SAC student. Simply do the following:

  • Present a valid Mt. SAC student identification card for each visit.
  • Sign up for tutoring each term by filling out a registration form. Students may receive services on the same day they register.
  • Comply with our Terms and Conditions for usage.


Types of Tutoring



How to Become a Tutor
  • For hourly-tutoring positions, click here.
  • For Supplemental Instruction leader positions, click here

In-Class or In-Center Presentation

Would you like a Tutorial Services representative to tell your students about the services we offer? In ten minutes or less, we can give students information about our location, hours, and types of services. We also use the opportunity to give students an overview of what they can expect when they come to Tutorial Services. Please contact Lester Lawenko via email at llawenko@mtsac.edu .

Other Tutoring Centers on Campus

Here is a brochure listing other tutoring centers on campus.


In order to strengthen scholastic achievement and motivate academic discourse within the multifaceted community of Mt. San Antonio College, Tutorial Services is dedicated to providing students and community members with drop-in tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and study groups that promote independent learning, the acquisition of the tools and resources necessary to take control of one’s education.


In the interests of quality service and academic achievement, Tutorial Services creates a learning environment that provides students with access to tutors and resource materials of superior standards. We provide comprehensive and progressive training for our tutors and staff. Through these means we develop students’ desires to successfully meet and surpass their academic and vocational goals.