Faculty Contact Information Form

As a tool to help students and others contact academic faculty, the Web Team has developed a “faculty directory” (http://myfaculty.mtsac.edu) that will list faculty contact information – professor’s name (which will link to e-mail), office location, phone number, and a link to the professor’s web page (if applicable).

To ensure the accuracy and currency of this information, we need your help. We ask that you use the form below to enter your contact information. This information will be added to the Faculty Directory.

PLEASE NOTE: the web site link should be for your class web site only. Links to departments, divisions, or non-academic web sites will not be included.  When entering your office phone extension, only enter the 4-digit extension. If you are adjunct or don't have a phone extension, enter the 4-digit extension for your department or division office.

A NOTE ABOUT SPAMMING: Some concerns were expressed regarding spammers capturing e-mail addresses from the Faculty Directory. Since the contact information contained herein is created dynamically when the user calls for it, there is no data for spammers to capture.