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Meet the High School Outreach Team!

  •  Cynthia Orozco
    Outreach Specialist, B.A. Sociology, corozco23AT_mtsac.edu / (909) 274-5986

    As a first generation college student and a daughter of immigrants I have learned to push through stereotypes in order to find my own definition of success. I believe that having access to sincere support and correct information can allow students to achieve their goals. My goal is to mentor students by sharing my personal experiences and connecting them to others that will help them achieve academic success. Educational History: Baldwin Park HS, MT. SAC, UCLA 
  • Blanca Juarez
    Outreach Specialist, B.A. Chicana/o Studies, bjuarez20AT_mtsac.edu / (909) 274-4558

    As a first-generation community college graduate, I understand the importance of higher education. I am extremely passionate about working with students through higher education. My mission as a high school outreach specialist is to present valuable information to students about higher education and the endless opportunities available to them as they transition into the next chapter of their journeys. Educational History: South Gate HS, East Los Angeles Community College, UCLA

  • Joel Monroy
    Outreach Specialist, M.A. in Educational Administration, joel.monroyAT_mtsac.edu / (909) 274-4150

    The college planning process can be exciting and also nerve-racking for students. Being the first in my family to attend college has allowed me to set a positive standard of academic success through hard work, sacrifice, balance and integrity. I am an advocate for college access to all students and feel blessed to educate, inform, prepare, and guide students and their families through the college journey. Educational History: Bravo Medical Magnet HS, CSULA, CSULB, CSUN


  • Tarik Ross Jr.
    Outreach Specialist, B.S. Communication, tross9AT_mtsac.edu / (909) 274-5957

    Growing up I had student support programs help me navigate my way towards college; this made me realize the importance of student advocacy in the pursuit of higher education. I believe education is a tool that can help students achieve personal success; academically, professionally, and socially. I want to help students map their success as I provide them with  resources  to make informed decisions. Educational History: LACES (LA Center for Enriched Studies), Cal Poly Pomona

  • Salote Wailase
    Outreach Specialist, B.A. in Sociology, swailaseAT_mtsac.edu / (909) 274-5377

    Success in Higher Education is like a sea full of opportunities where everyone can pick and choose their own goals and career path. Coming from a Pacific Islander background, I understand firsthand the challenges students may face in attending college, especially first generation college students. I am here to be a guide, a mentor, and a resource to those who seek college information or are curious about college. Educational History: Arroyo HS, Mt. SAC, CSULA