deskClassroom Visitation Evaluations of DL Faculty


Finding an Evaluator 

Need a name of an experienced Distance Learning faculty to conduct the online portion of an “in-class” evaluation? Contact Dean, Library & Learning Resources, Meghan Chen, at x5658.  If you already know of an experienced Distance Learning Faculty who is willing to conduct the evaluation, you do not need to contact Meghan Chen.

How to Conduct a Classroom Visitation Evaluation of Distance Learning Faculty

It is beneficial if the evaluatee and the evaluator have a meeting prior to the actual "visitation" so that the layout of the course can be described, including where evidence might be found regarding "Regular and Effective Contact" with students and various activities that are part of the class. Also, if this class has regular on-campus meetings, it is advisable to also visit the on-campus portion of the class to get a more complete view of the course.

Information for the faculty being evaluated (the "evaluatee")

The faculty being evaluated must allow guest access in the MR course shell by completing the following steps:

  1. In the DL course, go to Settings > Edit course settings
  2. Under Allow guest access: Select Yes, and add a password (for security) so that only those that have the password can get into the class
  3. Save changes. Relate the password to the evaluator

Information for the Evaluator 

The evaluator should be able to view all portions of the course web site that a student can view. He or she must give the faculty a two-day advance notice before visiting the classroom.

  1. The evaluator must have a Moodlerooms account.  If the evaluator is not a faculty member and needs an account, he or she should contact Meghan Chen in the Learning Resources Department at x5658.
  2. The evaluator should secure access to the course using the following procedure:
    1. Log into the portal, click on the eLearning Tools tab, click on the Moodlerooms link
    2. At the bottom of the Home page, type the CRN of the course that is being evaluated in the text box next to Search courses
    3. Click on the course that results from the search
    4. In the Password area, enter the guest access password given to you by the evaluatee.
  3. The evaluator downloads and prints the H.4.c form - Classroom Visitation Evaluation of Distance Learning Faculty:  Word Version   or PDF Version
  4. The evaluator needs acopy of the Distance Learning Amendment form for the course that is to be evaluated. This form summarizes the DL activities that MAY be included in the class.
  5. Not all activities in the DL Amendment form need to be included in the evaluation. The list is a "menu" of potential activities in the DL course. The DL course amendment form can be located at the following link, by clicking on the desired course: click here!

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact Mary Johnson at (909) 274-6369 or or Meghan Chen at (909) 274-5658 or