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The paralegal profession has grown tremendously since it first appeared in the mid-1960's.  Now, there are more than 224,000 paralegals working in the United States.  Additionally, paralegal jobs are projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2014, equating to a growth rate of 27% or more.   Presently, paralegals are involved in sophisticated legal work in traditional law office settings, in corporations, in government, and in other public arenas.  The occupation has achieved recognition and has moved rapidly to professional stature.

The paralegal program at Mt. San Antonio College, which is approved by the American Bar Association, is intended to prepare students for employment as paralegals in both private and public sectors following graduation. The program stresses practical application and the development of job skills as well as legal theory.

The program is designed to enhance the ability of students to reason, understand and apply correct legal principles by teaching analytical and critical thinking skills as opposed to rote learning.

Successful graduates of the program should qualify for entry-level employment and possess the skills for further specialization in the paralegal profession.

Graduates of the program can work under the direction and supervision of an actively licensed attorney in the state, but may not work directly with members of the public without such supervision.  Obtaining a paralegal degree does not entitle anyone to practice law or to hold themselves out to members of the public as being able to do so.


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NOTE:  The Mt. SAC Paralegal Program is intended to prepare students for employment as paralegals in both private and public sectors following graduation.  Section 21.12 of the American Bar Association's (“ABA”) By-Laws uses the terms “paralegal” and “legal assistant” interchangeably referring to persons who, although not members of the legal profession, are qualified through education, training or work experience, and are employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity, in a capacity or function which involves the performance, under the direction and supervision of an attorney, of specifically delegated substantive legal work.  Paralegals/legal assistants must comply with the legal restrictions on the practice of law by nonlawyers.  This includes restrictions which prohibit paralegals from working directly with members of the general public; all work must be performed under the direction and supervision of licensed attorneys.  Moreover, obtaining a paralegal degree from Mt. SAC does not entitle anyone to practice law or to hold themselves out to members of the public as being able to do so.